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Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin

PlayME is a love letter to the Canadian Theatre Scene

Courtesy of CBC Media Centre

Aaron Kropf

PlayME, a unique show, offers anyone around the world the opportunity to experience some of the best theatre Canada has to offer. PlayME is a podcast that is the brainchild of Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley. They were looking for a way to expand the audience of some of Canada's best theatrical productions.

PlayME has been a CBC podcast since 2018 and this year they have put together their most ambitious season to date in offering some of the greatest hits in theatre this year including shows such as 'Prodigal', 'First Metis Man of Odesa', and (the most talked about show of shows of 2023) 'Uncle Vanya'. This season may seem more ambitious than previous ones. For anyone that has been listening over the years, that is by design.

A few weeks ago I got to chat with Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley about the show. Below is a little insight into PlayME.

We talked about starting the show, what makes a season, and how does a show come together. Getting some of this insight provided more appreciation for the podcast.

Each season Mullin and Tolley try to put together a season that gives a lot of insight into what is going on in the theatre scene across Canada. Once they have selected the show they would like to have included in the season, the work really starts. As you can probably imagine, taking something from stage to an audio format would require a different approach.

Mullin and Tolley will sit down with the playwright to help make a show more suited for an audio only audience. But it is vital to keep the integrity of the original production. This included, as best they could, getting the company members together to record the show in the studio. This helped to keep the vibe of the stage production.

PlayME is really a love letter to Canadian theatre. This is a way to experience shows that you may not be able to experience in the theatre because you cannot always travel to a show.

Experience all Canadian theatre has to offer vicariously through the CBC podcast, available where you get your podcasts. If you love theatre you'll love what PlayME has to offer.

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