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Thank you to the following artists for their endorsements. 

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Jayme Armstrong

 What a pleasure to chat with Joe... One of the best interviewers I’ve come across with fabulous questions about creating theatre during a pandemic and the state of the industry moving forward. 

Drayton Entertainment
Enchanted Entertainment

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Steffi DiDomenicantonio

Joe is so much fun to talk to and asks some awesome questions. I love talking about theatre and it's always nice to meet someone who likes to as much as I do. 

Artist and Performer in Toronto Company of ‘Come from Away’

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Liz Callaway

I am so appreciative of all the work Joe did in preparation of my profile and the other ones he has compiled. His attention to detail in the many points of our conversation, and in the other profiles I've read online, as well his caring manner made it easy for me to open up and share my thoughts on how I, as a performing artist am faring during this tumultuous time of the worldwide pandemic. I applaud his continued work in serving the theatre industry.

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Cynthia Dale

 I had a wonderful time speaking with Joe. He is a smart, kind and joyous man who loves our industry as much as I do. He made it easy to open up about the wonders and struggles of being a performer. I applaud his endeavours and say ’Bravo’ to all he is doing to remind us all about the magic of life in front of behind the  footlights… 

Street Legal, Stratford Festival

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Michael Cerveris

 I had the distinct pleasure to be interviewed by Mr. Szekeres and, in addition to genuinely enjoying our conversation, was delighted with the finished piece. It accurately captured our discussion in a highly readable form. More importantly, his appreciation and respect for the theatre and concern for its future made the whole experience very worthwhile.

Tony Award winner

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Mitchell Marcus

 Thank you for keeping the fire burning. 

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Rick Miller

 Joe Szekeres has earned an important place in the Toronto theatre ecology, bringing commitment, curiosity and intellectual honesty to his … reviews. I’m grateful for his support of my work, both as a solo artist and as a co-director of Kidoons stage productions. 

BOOM, MacHomer : The Simpsons Do MacBeth

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Sergio Di Zio

Joe Szekeres reached out, early in this pandemic, to feature me in his Artists in Isolation series of interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed our talk over Zoom. His questions provided an excellent opportunity for some self-examination of what an artist can aspire toward during Covid-19 and what gifts and challenges its struggles might bring. His curiosity is genuine, and his kindness is welcome in this unique and surreal time. And the feedback I received from friends who read the piece was that they could hear my authentic voice, which, in my opinion, is the highest praise of the interviewer.

Flashpoint, Coal Mine Theatre

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Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill

Intelligent. Engaging. Thought-provoking questions. Always a pleasure to be interviewed by a pro who does their homework and is truly interested in the person they are talking to. On the journalistic front, Joe is a rock star!

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Craig Lauzon

I’ve done a lot of interviews and almost always you can’t wait for them to be over. Not with Joe, he actually knows how to talk to people and put them at ease…we could have chatted all afternoon. 

The Royal Canadian Air Farce, Soulpepper


Amy Keating

Collaborating with Joe was an absolute pleasure. He is thorough, passionate and highly knowledgeable about all things theatre. I felt engaged, taken care of, and heard during my time working with him.


Raoul Bhaneja

Remarkably, during such a dispiriting time in the theater, the majority of this pandemic so far, Joe took the time to speak to numerous theatre artists, including myself, to inquire about our state of mind and work. I not only appreciated the opportunity to be profiled but I enjoyed  reading the profiles of my peers. An excellent contribution and chronicling of our theatre scene.

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