Loyalist Burial Ground Project

Atlantic Repertory Company, Saint John New Brunswick

Drew Murdock

Aaron Kropf

The 2022 version of The Loyalist Burial Ground Project from the Atlantic Repertory Company is sure to delight locals and visitors to Saint John. Many cities now have some kind of walking tours, be they historical or ghost. This tour incorporates a little of both and peppers more drama than most others.

This is usually the place where I talk about the show while giving a brief description of the story. I’m not really going to do that for this show.

Instead, I’m going to speak in generalities because the bulk of the enjoyment comes from many of the surprises along the journey. While Quinn Adams, Caroline Bell, Tallas Munro, and Sophie Wilcott take the audiences on their travels around the uptown core of Saint John, we learn about some unique characters and fascinating buildings that have helped to shape the city. Along the way, Adams, Bell, Munro, and Wilcott embody some of Saint John’s historical figures and those embedded in popular culture, they also share some personal stories about their experiences with the city. Atlantic Repertory Company said it best, “Part history, part mystery...take a stroll through uptown Saint John as you have never experienced before!”

Quinn Adams gets the tour on its way by sharing his personal experience with Saint John while talking a little about a few of the architectural wonders the city has to offer. His booming voice is really what is needed when bringing people through a bustling cityscape. Caroline Bell had some of the most memorable characters of the evening. Just when you think that was the end she makes a surprise visit again near the end. Bell’s stories of working at, and performing in the much-loved Imperial Theatre were a treat when paired with the theatre's history. Tallas Munro was such a delight to watch and listen to that it was such a disappointment when he wasn’t in front of the audience. Munro’s Robert Stack was definitely the highlight of the evening as this moment is more than worth the ticket price. Sophie Wilcott brought to life the more interesting characters of the evening. It's delightful to see each new character she embodied.

The Loyalist Burial Ground Project runs through August 27 (Wednesday through Saturday), weather permitting. At $10 a ticket it’s not something locals or visitors to the wonderful city of Saint John should miss. It’s an evening full of history, storytelling, and laughs. Jump at this opportunity to learn a little more about the storied history of Saint John, Canada’s oldest city.

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