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'UnCovered': Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles

Presented by The Musical Stage Company at Koerner Hall

The Musical Stage Company

Joe Szekeres

A VOICE CHOICE for outstanding vocal work and gorgeous sounding orchestral accompaniment and arrangement.

“A veritable theatre lover’s smorgasbord. UnCovered runs until November 17 at Koerner Hall. Get tickets. NOW!”

As part of its 20th anniversary celebration, The Musical Stage Company’s 17th annual UnCovered concert features music from two of the most dominant bands from the late 20th Century now onstage at Koerner Hall– Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles.

One thing I had forgotten about both bands – they were bickering, fighting, arguing, quitting, not speaking and sometimes refusing to be in the same recording studio for whatever reasons. But damn, they produced and recorded some of the most iconic songs that still make me stop whatever I’m doing and listen to the song if I hear it anywhere.

I can’t stress enough how much you must get tickets for this concert.

Jason Spetter's script curation features comments from the artists in both bands between each musical segment. The most divine-sounding orchestrations and arrangements by Kevin Wong and Jonathan Corkal-Astorga MUST be experienced live.

This ‘UnCovered’ is staged with a clear purpose, understanding and intent by Kaylee Harwood. The ensemble is a veritable theatre lover’s smorgasbord of artists who deliver glorious renditions of some iconic rock songs that, again, MUST be experienced live. Each artist enunciates clearly and allows the lyrics to drive the song and its story forward. Several of the musical numbers are wonderfully staged.

Nathan Carroll’s ‘Hotel California’ remains one of the highlights with background vocals by Vinne Alberto, Taylor Garwood and Kelly Holiff. Kevin Wong’s version of ‘Landslide’ on violin left me speechless. Sara Farb brings a new understanding of ‘Go Your Own Way’ that makes complete sense. Kelly Holiff’s ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ (with background vocals by Eva Foote and Taylor Garwood) remains pure rock pleasure.

Eva Foote channelled her inner Stevie Nicks marvellously in homage to ‘Dreams’ with background vocals by Carroll, Holiff and Garwood) Jully Black’s ‘The Heart of the Matter’ is solid gold character strength. Lydia Persaud and Kevin Wong’s ‘One of These Nights’ blissfully hits all the right notes.

Several of the ensemble moments soar eagerly to the heights of the Hall – ‘Heartache Tonight’ and ‘Seven Bridges Road’ are only two.

The concert caps off with the ensemble’s rendition of Fleetwood’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ with the entire house on its feet.

This ‘UnCovered’ concert does go its own way. Gloriously! Magnificently!

That’s why you need to get tickets before November 17.

Running time: approximately two hours with one intermission.

The production runs until November 17 at Koerner Hall, TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, 273 Bloor Street West. For tickets, visit or call (416) 927-7880 for more information.

The Musical Stage Company presents “Uncovered: Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles”
Arrangements, Orchestrations & Music Co-Supervision: Kevin Wong
Co-Arranger, Co-Orchestrator & Music Co-Supervisor: Jonathan Corkal-Astorga
Staging & Dramaturgy: Kaylee Harwood
Script Curation: Jason Spetter
Lighting Designer: Mathilda Kane
Stage Manager: Victoria Wang

Orchestra: Kevin Wong (Piano-Conductor/Violin), Jonathan Corkal-Astorga (Piano/Guitar), Jamie Drake (Drums, Percussion), Erik Larson (Bass)

The Cast: Jully Black, Nathan Carroll, Sara Farb, Eva Foote, Kelly Holiff, Lydia Persaud, Vinnie Alberto, Taylor Garwood

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