The Borelians of Port Perry are casting for the February 2023 show

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November 10th at 7 pm - 9 pm Port Perry Town Hall in the Patrons' Lounge at Town Hall 1873.

We have a couple of roles left to cast for our February 2023 production of 'Live From Port Perry Town Hall 1949'.

In need of character voices to play characters in 1940 radio plays which will be performed live on stage.

1 female, 2 male roles.

Cold reads followed by direction with the radio plays.

The director is looking for actors to provide characterizations that are distinctly different from each other. Actors are encouraged to be imaginative and creative within the parameters set below. Please listen to the segments that are provided to get a reference to what is required.

Mrs. Irene Monk - female, late 30's, and older
- Producer of the Live Radio Shows, and Front of House for performance nights ad-libbing in character
- widow
- strong, confident, independent, educated, well spoken, much like a Katherine Hepburn or "Lilith" on Cheers
- appears emotionally distant and aloof at times

George Heath - male, over 40
-an actor with the Port Perry Community Players performing in the radio plays and helping with Foley sound effects
- plays the part of Fibber in Fibber McGee and Molly, the villainous Gillian in Sherlock Holmes and old man Peavy the druggist in 'The Great Gildersleeve'
Fibber McGee - lives at 79 Wistful Vista in an unnamed city in America
- married to Molly
- fast talker, not too bright
-always looking for a quick-rich scheme that always backfires
- habitual storyteller who loves tongue twisters
Gillian - cockney accent
- village handyman, bell ringer, mail deliverer and, as it turns out, murderer
Peavey - older man, close to retirement
- gravelly voice, has a speech impediment ie. hair-lip and a lisp
- the town druggist, and general store owner,
- friend and confidant to Gildersleeve.

James Bracken - an actor with the Port Perry Community Players performing in the radio plays and helping with Foley sound effects
- over 40 years old
- plays the part of Wallace Wimple in Fibber McGee and Molly, The Announcer in Sherlock Holmes, and Mayor Terwillegar in
The Great Gildersleeve
Wallace Wimple - late 40's
- neighbour of Fibber and Molly
- very meek and timid in his voice and character.
- his voice is similar to Droopy the Dog, he accentuates his "B's"
- fancies himself as a bird expert.
- afraid of his very large domineering wife that he has nicknamed Sweetyface
The Announcer - introduces the episode, interviews Dr. Watson, reads the commercials
Mayor Terwillegar - Gildersleeve's boss, is always on Gildy's case
- older, gravelly voice
- very gruff, but suddenly softens to the ladies.

Follow to hear examples from:
Fibber McGee & Molly radio show 4/27/48 Passenger Pigeon Trap
Fibber, Molly and Wallace Wimple clip start at 2:55 till 5:55
The Adventure of the Tolling Bell (Sherlock Holmes old-time radio)
Gillian clip start at 5:27 till 6:14
The Great Gildersleeve - Two Dates for Mayor's Valentine Party
Mayor Terwilliger clip start at 2:45 till 4:15 minutes
Peavey clip start at 4:35 till 6:50 minutes

Contact Carolyn Goff at to register or if you have other questions.

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